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Through our affiliate program, we invite you to promote classes from both the Orgasmic Yoga Institute and the New School of Erotic Touch on your website and in your emails. You can send friends, clients, students and customers to the websites using a banner or hyperlinked words.

The New School attracts those interested in erotic touch, while the Orgasmic Yoga Institute serves those interested in erotic practice. We suggest you market to both demographics to maximize your affiliate dividends.

As an affiliate of this joint program, you will earn 30% of all tuition paid by students who come through you, for as long as they remain enrolled (i.e. including recurring tuition). Students who enroll at the Orgasmic Yoga Institute (orgasmicyoga.com) and The New School of Erotic Touch (eroticmassage.com) tend to stay enrolled for many months and sometimes for many years. Most of the tuition payments you will receive will be for students renewing classes.

We offer technical consultation with your web person for no additional fees. If you wish assistance, email carol.eroticmassage (at) gmail.com.
To link to our front page, you can choose a banner here, substituting your own affiliate code for the x's. You can link to individual classes here. For more affiliate linking options and other information, click here.

As the Orgasmic Yoga Institute and The New School of Erotic Touch share the same affiliate program, you only need to sign up once and use your seven digit code to connect to either or both websites. Tuition money that you earn from either website will go into your one CCBill affiliate account. You will be paid with one check for people you send to both websites. As an example, Red Coyote's website promotes both the Orgasmic Yoga Institute and The New School of Erotic Touch featuring 40+ classes, organized by topic. You can also highlight our popular and free Orgasmic Yoga Video Lessons with a banner.

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