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Annie Sprinkle's Cosmic Orgasms

Annie Sprinkle's Cosmic Orgasms

Annie Sprinkle's Cosmic Orgasms

  • 25 Ways to Make Love to the Earth

    by Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle

        1.    Tell the Earth, “I love you. I can’t live without you.”

    2.    At first you may feel embarrassed to be lovers with the Earth.  Relax. Let it go. It’s OK.

    3.    Spend time with her.

    4.    Ask her what she likes, wants, and needs -- then try to give it to her.

    5.    Massage the Earth with your feet.

    6.    Admire her views often.

    7.    Circulate erotic energy with him.

    8.    Smell her.

    9.    Taste her.

    10. Touch all her all over.

    11. Hug and stroke his trees.

    12. Talk dirty to her plants.

    13. Swim naked in their waters.

    14. Lay on top of her, or let her get on top of you.

    15. Do a nude dance for her.

    16. Sing to her.

    17. Kiss and lick her.

    18. Bury parts of your body deep inside his soil.

    19. Plant your seeds in her.

    20. Love her unconditionally even when she’s angry or cruel. 

    21. Keep him clean. Please recycle.

    22. Work for peace. Bombs really hurt.

    23. If you see her being abused, raped, exploited, protect her as best you can.

    24. Protect their mountains, waters and sky.

    25. Vow to love, honor and cherish the Earth until death brings you closer together forever.

Video Teachings

Medibation: Masturbation + Meditation

Medibation: Masturbation + Meditation

16:30 min.

You may already be practicing what I call Medibation, a form of prayer for me. When you masturbate, do you sometimes feel like you are entering a spiritual state? Does your head ever get totally peaceful, or thoughts just flow through you like water? Do you sometimes get your best ideas while pleasuring yourself? You may already be combining masturbation and meditation.

As an artist, I regularly medibate for creative inspiration. Sometimes I medibate to gain clarity on a specific question or issue in my life. Other times, I simply go into a Zen state, really paying attention to the sensations moving through me. With medibation, I can reach the most peaceful states I have ever known.

I particularly like to medibate outside. Here, in the Medibation clip, I share an au naturel medibation session.
I invite you to create your own medibation ritual, and include elements from your own spirituality to deepen your connections. Medibation will look different for each of us. What is important is that you give yourself permission to go deep into your erotic sensations while making space for your spirit to be expressed.

Here are some ways you can begin creating your own medibation practice:

  • Spread the love. Touch more than just your genitals. Touch your whole body. This spreads the good feelings out from your genitals to the rest of your body, especially to your heart.


  • Keep it Simple. This can be very relaxing and nurturing. Empty your mind, let your whole body relax, and focus on your breathing. Think Zen masturbation.


  • Incorporate masturbation into your existing spiritual practice. Bring erotic pleasure into your yoga routine, your walking meditation, or your nightly prayers. Notice what happens when you begin to join your eroticism with your spiritual expressions.


  • While you masturbate, tell yourself “I love you. I’m here for you.” Murmur sweet nothings to yourself. "I will always love you. I will always take care of you.” That’s right; whisper them out loud to yourself! Try it! If that feels too strange, then say them silently.


  • Don't have an orgasm. That’s right, I said ‘don’t’! Once in awhile it’s wonderful to masturbate just to pleasure your body, and charge yourself up. Retain any turn-on to keep yourself energized throughout your day.


  • Explore what is going on deep inside you. Masturbation is a natural mood elevator, a great time to get in touch with your deeper feelings and express them. I have learned that all different kinds of feelings can co-exist with sexual ecstasy. For example, you can be highly sexually aroused and simultaneously feel sadness, anger, longing, confusion, guilt, or depression. Simply witness your thoughts and your feelings while in a state of arousal.


  • On occasion, be as creative and thorough as you would be if you were with a lover. If you break a sweat you get an A+.


  • Be an alchemist. Imagine your sexual energy coming up from your pussy to your heart, and when it gets to your heart, transmute it into love, and fill your heart with your love.


  • Be a sexual healer to yourself. If you have a headache for example, or menstrual cramps, masturbation is a fantastic cure. Use masturbation as medicine for whatever ails you.


  • Visualize and feel that you are healthy, happy, and well loved.


  • Be grateful. While you are masturbating, simultaneously think about all the things in your life that you are grateful for.

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Megagasm: Mega + Orgasm

Megagasm: Mega + Orgasm

5:15 min.

Let’s explore together what I call the Megagasm, the tsunami of orgasms. This video clip chronicles the longest and most intense orgasm I ever had.
This megagasm happened during the making of my experimental sex film, Sluts and Goddesses. It was almost five minutes long, very intense, and not at all ladylike! As you will see, my face looks as if I am having a baby. Several women who saw the movie told me that they’d also had similar kinds of megagasms. So I’m definitely not the only one who has them.

Ride The Megagasm Wave

During a megagasm, you can feel as if there is a lifetime of pent-up emotion bursting free. You might feel a sensation of being “breathed by the Universe,” your body open with electricity streaming through. You may experience tingling in your hands and lips, and your jaw may chatter as mine does in the megagasm video. Your lover may end up having some kind of contact orgasm too. Just hold on tight, and ride, ride, ride that humongous wild tidal wave of bliss.

Some people are scared of women’s orgasms. Women tell me they feel they have to hold back the full force of their orgasms because their lovers can’t handle it. That’s a crying shame. To begin resolving this issue, I suggest that, when you’re not in bed, talk with your lover(s) about their fears and concerns. Explain to them how you feel, and that you want the freedom to really be the powerful volcano that you are. Of course, you have to give yourself that freedom as well.

How to have a Megagasm

It’s rather difficult to describe exactly how to have a megagasm, because women and their lovers are all so different. Megagasms happen at times in your life when you need to release a lot of energy. You have to be in the mood to have such an intense release. Megagasms don’t happen all that often. In my experience, megagasms are brought about through very intense physical, sexual stimulation: very hard and fast vaginal penetration combined with really strong and steady clitoral stimulation. Sometimes they can be triggered by “erotic pain,” such as from biting or stretching the vagina wider.

Don’t hold back. Give yourself permission to delve as deeply as possible into your biggest and strongest orgasm. Keep going beyond your threshold, beyond what you thought you were capable of. To have more powerful orgasms, get in touch with your physical power in places other than the bedroom; practice karate, run up hills, dance wildly, etc. Be willing to express your power. Let the lion inside you roar! Remember, don’t let this class make you feel inadequate if you have not yet experienced a megagasm. You are at the right place at the right time in learning about your orgasms.

“The orgasm is no longer a mere biological function, nor the side effect of casual pleasure… It is the very center of human experience and ultimately determines the happiness of the human race.” - Wilhelm Reich

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Communal Orgasmic Yoga

Communal Orgasmic Yoga

3:55 min.

Your self-pleasuring or lovemaking has come to a final climax. Or has it? Wait, wait! Don’t be too quick! Sometimes the point when you think you are finished is exactly the point for you to push further. You’re at your most relaxed, you’re in a highly aroused state, and you’ve reached a certain level of bliss. It’s time to go for the big beyond. It's time for “Afterglow.”

I love the word “Afterglow”; it’s such a lovely poetic term and describes the experience so beautifully. In the afterglow we can feel we are glowing with love, with satisfaction, with a lightness of being, with pleasure. Usually in the afterglow we can experience a heightened sense of peace, beauty, and connection--connection with our self, our body, our lover, and on a really good day, the whole Universe!

Interestingly, in Hollywood movies and in pornography, they rarely ever show the beautiful afterglow of lovemaking.

In this video clip, we see five women both masturbate and then bask in the communal afterglow.

Try for yourself! My feeling is that at least a quarter of the time spent making love can be dedicated to a wonderful afterglow phase. So if you have sex for one hour, fifteen minutes after climax (energetic or orgasmic) is the minimum. One third is better. More is even more luxurious. See if you can stay in the afterglow for at least 15 minutes. How does basking in your afterglow make you feel?

Once you’ve learned to give the afterglow phase as much time and attention as it deserves, it will feel so natural that you’ll never again be tempted to end your erotic connection prematurely. No more “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am”s, unless of course it’s on one of those special occasions where that is part of the fun.

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