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Masturbation Engineering

Masturbation Engineering

Masturbation Engineering

Bruce P. Grether and Blue Tyger call their teaching for men, Erotic Engineering. Bruce and Blue's “Nine Golden Keys to Mindful Masturbation” offer men clear and simple instructions to escape from habit and enjoy embodied masturbation. Self-pleasuring can be a hero’s journey into remarkable feelings, somatic knowledge and body intimacy. This class gives you access to Grether’s complete text, as well as supplementary video demonstrations and teachings from Blue Tyger. 

Blue says: “Before making the videos for each key, I practiced Bruce’s techniques myself over days and weeks. Practicing mindful masturbation was a joyous and ecstatic experience, although not always easy. What you will see in the videos is the result of my practice over time.”

Learn more about the teachings of Bruce P. Grether and Blue Tyger at www.eroticengineering.com.
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Video Teachings

Key 1- Breathing

Key 1- Breathing

4:59 min.

Mindful Masturbation is a simple, yet powerful practice. It requires dedication, and becomes its own reward. Just pay full attention while you masturbate. Don’t let yourself get distracted by imagination. Keep your primary focus upon yourself, your own body, your penis and your own sensations. This path of self-pleasure can take you into realms of ecstasy you have never before experienced.  
Focus first on full attention to your breathing. During an ordinary masturbation session to relieve sexual tension or desire, the kind of session that may soon lead to ejaculation, you tend to breathe quite tensely, mostly in your upper chest.   
Whether you notice it or not, just before you ejaculate, you probably hold your breath, tense up your pelvic muscles and go over that brief, thrilling and glorious Niagara Falls of orgasm. It’s great! Only soon you’re back where you started.   
Erotic Engineering shows you how to get a lot more out of self-pleasure, how you can experience far longer and more intense sessions of erotic ecstasy.   
To enhance your practice tremendously, employ abdominal, deep belly breathing. Slow down and breathe deep, making sure you breathe into your lower abdomen. Place one hand on your belly and make sure it goes out when you breathe in; likewise your belly goes in when you breathe out.   
This is the opposite of tense, shallow, upper-chest breathing.   
Babies naturally breath like this until they learn to grow tense and unhappy. This focus on mindful, ecstatic breathing serves several purposes. It can cause mild hyperventilation, which renders your body more alkaline—and you lower overall acidity. Acidity results from stress and contributes to health problems, so to alkalinize you blood and body is beneficial in many ways.   
This shift of hyperventilation can also result from such problems as a panic attack, and is part of the body’s process to calm you back down. However, taken too far, it can cause unpleasant symptoms.   
Do not push it so far that you feel lightheaded or dizzy!   
The next step after you start this kind of mindful belly breathing is to make it a rebirth or ecstatic breath: that means continue to breathe steadily (whether slow or faster) and don't pause between breaths. Don't hold it in or out at the top or bottom of the breath. Breathe continuously, without pausing. At first this takes effort to do properly, but it becomes a habit and can transform your entire life, not just your masturbation practice.

 Learn more about the teachings of Bruce Grether and Blue Tyger at www.eroticengineering.com.

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Key 2- Relaxing

Key 2- Relaxing

6:52 min.

The benefits of relaxation apply not only to your masturbation practice, but also to your entire life. To relax does not mean that you should be passive or do nothing. Rather, to consciously keep relaxed is a great and beneficial skill. In modern times, many of us live driven, accelerated lives of constant effort to achieve or surpass.

There is that thing about smelling the roses…

In order to enhance your masturbation practices, it helps to shift from long-time early habits of holding your breath now and then, and also of tensing up your muscles. Often you may lock up your pelvis and sensations localize in your genitals.

This mode is not something bad, however it becomes quite limiting to what you can really feel, as it does tend to be a deeply conditioned habit. True mindfulness involves paying close attention, in order to notice such habits, and to retrain yourself in order to explore new territory. To do this, notice your habits and deliberately break habits to experience alternatives.

This requires deliberation and conscious effort. In fact, quite often men become so fixed in habits that they cannot reach orgasm without getting into a certain position, or tensing up muscles in one specific way.

In order to experience more prolonged and more intense self-pleasure, learn to truly relax during arousal and the process of erotic stimulation. This retraining is immensely rewarding! It actually allows the relaxation response portion of your autonomic nervous system to remain in charge, instead of the “fight or flight” part, and so it is beneficial to your health as well as increasing your capacity for erotic ecstasy.

That autonomic nervous system is part of the wiring in your body, related to the erection center near the base of your spine, and it also governs unconscious processes such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and many inner organ functions. This is not under direct conscious control, however your attitudes and behaviors can influence it. For example, during stress, fear or anger, adrenaline kicks in and you are not likely to get an erection. And relaxation encourages erection.

This is why breathing consciously, the First Key, can help to keep you in this beneficial state of arousal and pleasure, as opposed to the other stressed-out mode of fight or flight. In fact, in today’s hyper and intense world, it is easy to remain stressed out about things that are not an immediate threat, which is counter-productive to the kind of pure penile pleasure that Mindful Masturbation is all about. We may be stressed out about things in the past, or that might happen in the future.

So to remain relaxed during your sessions of self-pleasure helps you to prolong and intensify the experience to new heights you cannot otherwise experience. This also helps you to be present: be here now.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with ejaculation—it is a natural, healthy and wonderful experience. However, in order to really explore your erotic potentials beyond mundane “maintenance” masturbation, you need to make ejaculation a choice. You need to venture beyond frequent ejaculations into realms of non-ejaculatory male orgasm, full-body orgasm, possibly male multiple orgasm, and continuous orgasmic states.

Ejaculation is not the goal of pleasure, it is the end of it, at least temporarily. Most often, following an ejaculation stress and anxiety easily and quickly return. When you retrain yourself to cultivate a lot more erotic energy than you expel from your body, you learn to retain and absorb into your body the increased energy and well being that you generate during Mindful Masturbation. You become less prone to the mood-swings of daily life.

To be “mindful” actually means beyond your mind, present and fully embodied.

Begin with conscious breathing, add deliberate relaxation to your self-pleasure, and add further keys to become an effective Erotic Engineer of your masturbatory experience.

Learn more about the teachings of Bruce Grether and Blue Tyger at www.eroticengineering.com.

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Key 3- Focus on Yourself

Key 3- Focus on Yourself

6:13 min.

One crucial factor that can radically enhance your masturbation practice is to re-train yourself not to fantasize during masturbation, but to focus on your own body, your own sensations, in the present moment. Of course it's not wrong to fantasize, or use erotic imagery, pornography, such as stories, pictures, and videos for arousal. All of these can be wonderfully stimulating and sometimes you actually learn about different practices from erotic materials.

However, to pursue genuinely Mindful Masturbation, I also recommend that you develop an alternative ability to arouse and stimulate yourself and to access high erotic states of ecstasy without use of explicit imagery or fantasy. Give yourself this option—you'll be amazed at the doors it opens!

As exciting as "jack-off material" can be, to remain dependent on this kind of stimulus actually limits what you are able to feel in your own body.

With easy access to Internet porn, recent studies show that the ability to find arousing novelty at the click of a mouse can overload and inhibit the pleasure centers of the brain. As a result, more and more younger men now suffer erectile dysfunction.

In a sense, to focus on visual images, or remembered bodies, situations and activities takes you out of your own body and out of where you are in time and space. You're no longer fully present and there's a distance between you and what you're doing. It can distance you from your own experience.

Seek to be fully present in your body, in the moment, where you are. Who you are. Be here now, as the saying goes.

Most human males learn growing up to enjoy arousing ourselves with either our imaginations or explicit images of nakedness or sexual activities. One means of training yourself with an option, is to start your session with such stimulus, then set it aside or turn it off and focus on your own sensations. Once aroused, return full attention to yourself, your own body, and your own sensations.

This is really what the word "mindfulness" refers to here.

Or, if you do have such a habit of always using Internet porn, find the courage to go “cold turkey” and you will recover and discover new depths and heights of masturbatory bliss that were withheld from you by that dazzling, yet limiting habit.

Use mirrors. Observe yourself in detail while you masturbate. Strive to accept yourself unconditionally, exactly as you are, here and now. Empower yourself with how beautiful and exciting this act of self-pleasuring really is.

Any time you break a habit and retrain yourself to new practices, you actually wire new pathways into your brain and nervous system! You increase your intelligence and physical function as you improve your capacity for pleasure!

This does not happen overnight, in a few days, or even a few weeks. It requites regular dedicated practice, and must become part of a new lifestyle to really achieve the results you want. Sexual excellence and expertise is a kind of physical and psychological training, as athletics and artistic excellence are the product of training and practice.

In fact, you can actually train your penis and pelvic region to reward you increasingly. Just as the fingers of a skilled typist or musician, and the vocal chords of a singer literally learn and develop localized nerve and muscle control, your penis can literally learn—with concerted training. And each consecutive Key adds to this training program for you and your penis.  

Fantasy and porn are not inherently bad or wrong. However, to take you to the next levels, it helps to set them aside for a while, and learn what you have been missing if you have relied heavily on them.  

Similarly, this return of focus upon your self is not lonely, for it naturally involves loving yourself on all levels, the physical included. To shift to a masturbatory focus does not reject the value of erotic sharing with others. Still, a hiatus from the drama of relationship eventually leads you to enhanced modes of erotic sharing.

Focus on yourself, here and now, in your body. You deserve no less!

Learn more about the teachings of Bruce Grether and Blue Tyger at www.eroticengineering.com

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Key 4- Vary Your Strokes

Key 4- Vary Your Strokes

6:37 min.

When you discovered masturbation as a boy, whether you figured it out yourself, or learned from someone else, you may have developed a habit of masturbating rather quickly and quietly, and in a rather fixed style. After puberty, men often maintain a somewhat predictable style for masturbation sessions. Many fellows condition themselves this way early on—due to a lack of privacy, and a lack of open, honest encouragement.

Though that kind of inhibition is common to many men, it is never too late to begin to change this for yourself. You can make this choice now, if no one coached you in how to masturbate most effectively and encouraged you to relax, to enjoy it fully and for as long as you want. How many guys had a masturbation mentor who urged them to make all the noise they wanted?  

In fact, right now, the seeds for limitless possibilities of bliss with your penis are being planted within you. That is happening right now, with these words and images as you allow the possibilities to awaken in your body. Like a plant sprouting, this grows and rises above the surface of your awareness: the potential for far greater enjoyment of self-pleasure than you have ever felt before!

Listen closely, breathe deeply and see the example before your eyes, of how intense and powerful pure penile pleasure can be. Participate with what you see and feel the response in your own body, the awakening of unknown potentials. This journey can take you ever deeper and ever higher. Varying your strokes is one important way to accomplish such enhanced self-pleasure.  

Many men actually get stuck in a kind of rudimentary style of “piston-stroking” or some other particular way to stimulate the penis, and may seldom venture into anything genuinely new.  

In fact, there are no limits—not even your imagination! If you simply DO this—observe yourself as you masturbate, pay full attention to what you are doing and feeling, which is the essence of mindfulness, you are on your way. It can help to photograph your masturbation sessions, or videotape your self masturbating. In fact, it is a healthy thing to become aroused by observing such photos or recordings; even if you are not aroused, to observe your own practice “objectively” from the outside is extremely valuable.

Set up your session in a private, comfortable surrounding, light a candle, put on some relaxing or invigorating music, only not songs with lyrics, rather, instrumental, drumming, or atmospheric sounds. Do some breathing and stretching before you begin to arouse and stimulate yourself. Resolve silently: I will not do this as I usually do it—rather, I’ll push myself deliberately and happily into the “undiscovered country.”

There is no need to breathe any one way with Mindful masturbation, however breathing is a great tool for erotic enhancement, and be sure you often breathe deep into your belly. Try the connected or rebirth breathing of continuous in breath / outbreath without pauses. Vary your breathing faster and slower. Also simply breathe naturally. With O2 it’s all good!

You can invent this revitalized, revolutionary practice for yourself. Use plenty of lubrication: oil, silicone, or if it’s water-based, keep a little spray bottle of water handy to refresh the slickness. Explore and improvise strokes not only to your penis… include your balls, invite your anus to participate with gentle, rhythmic external caresses, and also bring into the playfulness your entire body: inner thighs, belly, chest, nipples, face, arms, legs, fingers, toes.

Let your entire body become the erogenous zone!  

The best way to increase your variety of strokes is by example, to masturbate with Blue Tyger in the video version of this online, or use the Mindful Masturbation for Men DVD that Bruce created, in which he coaches you in many different stroking patterns.  

Challenge yourself to not only intensify your sessions, but also make them longer. You can take yourself far beyond what many men call “edging” when you also avoid a focus on having a full erection all the time. Let it come and go. Don’t forget to give yourself permission to moan, groan, sigh, gasp, and even shout out loud.  

One more tip here is—vary your positions. If you often masturbate sitting or lying down, get up and stand, walk around. Do knee-bends. Walk into other rooms while you masturbate. Look out windows. Go outdoors, if possible. Or do the entire session outdoors in Nature.  

Learn more about the teachings of Bruce Grether and Blue Tyger at www.eroticengineering.com.  

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Key 5- Take Care of Yourself

Key 5- Take Care of Yourself

4:00 min.

You can enjoy masturbation far more intensely and profoundly if you take good care of yourself, than you can if you neglect your health. This is every bit as important as all of the other specific practices and techniques. As with every possible element of Mindful Masturbation, no single aspect of self-care will work for every man. Still, there are some basics quite universal to being a healthy, happy human that are worth enacting.

Some self-care relates a great deal to lifestyles, and various lifestyles work for various people of different kinds. For example, dietary choices vary widely in what is best for different people—at the same time, everyone can benefit from plenty of exercise.

One suggestion: Do you really drink enough water to feel as good as possible? Many people fail to hydrate enough, simply due to the distraction of keeping so busy. Many people are unnecessarily somewhat dehydrated, and it affects your well-being. Plus, to drink plenty of water helps with your semen production, whether or not you ejaculate often, which is another issue. To keep a nice stainless steel water bottle of H2O nearby might be a helpful reminder.

Another suggestion: When you urinate in a public restroom, instead of washing your hands after the flush, wash your hands before you open your fly and touch your penis—after all, your penis is sacred, so this is a good way to honor it. Do this to affirm to your self, “My penis is not dirty, it’s sacred!”

Also: Most men notice that, though it’s nice to keep your genitalia clean, after a day or two with some erotic activity and honest sweat, when you touch your penis and balls, then smell your fingertips, there can be a pleasantly funky smell. Hygiene is good, however, you can overdo it and neither antibiotics inside or anti-bacterials on the surface are a good idea unless absolutely necessary. While a natural, non-toxic deodorant may be socially acceptable, antiperspirants block the healthy, natural benefits of sweating.

It’s valuable to learn to de-stress and slow down from today’s often over-stimulated world. Also crucial is the optimum amount of rest and sleep. Most people benefit from at least six or seven hours of sleep each night, and more than eight hours can leave many people less rested and feeling not quite so good. Enough helps, too much may be worse than not enough.  

Various forms of meditation can prove extremely valuable for almost anyone. The essence of most meditation practice is to come to terms with the busy activity of your mind. Take a break from doing and give yourself an opportunity to simply be for a while.

Yoga, which is so popular now in the Western World, combines breathing, relaxing and stretching to enhance flexibility and align body and mind. Yoga is particularly harmonious with Mindful Masturbation—for one thing, the word “Yoga” means union, or “yoked” together. Mind and body are actually one. High erotic states with a charged penis may actually give you a true taste of actual Oneness with All Things. Yoga is a great tonic to balance exercise.

Exercise is very important. Anytime you’ve been sitting for a while, whether masturbating or not, take a break by standing up and walking around.  Working out is great, but even to take a walk every day or swim, is extremely beneficial.

Daily News Fast: Here’s an excellent practice if you find yourself poisoned by the negative down spiral of current events. Remind yourself that most mainstream news media is slanted towards the negative, the sensational, and specific forms of propaganda. Consider not watching TV news, or perhaps not watching TV at all! Be selective about news sources, even on the Internet.  

In terms of diet, processed and pre-packaged foods lack nutritional value. Refined sugar would be considered a dangerous drug if the history of foods and pharmaceuticals had unfolded just a tiny bit differently. Like many others, you may benefit from reducing or eliminating gluten and cow dairy products. Many people actually have not only food allergies, but also subtler, yet crucial food sensitivities. This may be worth checking out, as it can make all the difference in how you feel.  

None of these are absolutes that work for everyone. All are worth considering. In life, as in masturbatory practice, we easily get into fixed habits. In order to discover new possibilities, habits must be broken and new things must be tried.

Take a few deep breaths, focus on yourself and your self-care and… masturbate mindfully!

Learn more about the teachings of Bruce Grether and Blue Tyger at www.eroticengineering.com.   

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Key 6- Refining

Key 6- Refining

5:38 min.

If you combine the previous five Keys to Mindful Masturbation and practice diligently, you will step onto a remarkable path to experience wonderful states of high erotic ecstasy through self-pleasure.

A major part of this path is when you discover (if you did not already know) that male orgasm and ejaculation are not one and the same thing. When you learn to make ejaculation a choice, rather than something that just happens, you open the door to dry orgasms, possible multiple orgasms, or prolonged orgasmic states. All of these are highly beneficial!  

The first reason to learn to masturbate for longer periods, of course, is simply because it feels so good. Once your skills begin to improve through deliberately breaking habits and trying new practices, you may wish you could enjoy such bliss indefinitely—and you can! Of course, human males past puberty adore ejaculation and the orgasm that goes with it, only it’s a limited reward compared with what is possible.

Perhaps it’s better not to think of this in terms of control, as the concept of control is over-rated, especially among human males! In reality we never totally control anything, and to try to 100% control the ejaculatory reflex may diminish the mystery and Magick of erotic ecstasy.

At the same time, you are unlikely to reach and explore the higher and higher states possible if you ejaculate within 10 or 15 minutes of beginning your session. For starters, begin extending the length of your sessions simply by noticing how close to that “edge” of inevitable climax you are, and as you approach it, pause in what you’re doing, relax and let your breath occur naturally. Before your arousal subsides a great deal, simply resume stroking your penis and caressing your entire body.

Next, make use of the longer sessions, say 20 minutes to half an hour or more, to continue to diversify your practice. Make sure you explore nipple stimulation, rubbing your perineum, and anal play, at least external touching of your anus. Make sure you wash well and use a mild, non-irritating soap on the rosebud between your buttocks to make this latter realm more enjoyable.

Pay attention using mindful awareness, to how close you are to that threshold called “ejaculatory inevitability.” When you go over this, however, whether unplanned or by choice, be sure you never feel like a failure or feel bad in any way about it, even if you were striving to extend your session further. If you begin to topple over the edge, fully surrender to it, give yourself permission to shout, shudder, shake and thrash. If you feel resistance due to conditioning not to make noise at orgasm, try acting, get wild and noisy, and over time it will follow naturally.

To prolong and heighten the quality of your arousal, moving from ecstatic plateau-to-plateau rather than just climbing up a peak and tumbling down the other side is preparation for what we call Male Erotic Alchemy. The important benefits and possibilities opened up for you by the sexual aspects of Tantra from east India and Taoism from China are the same as what we call Male Erotic Alchemy. In truth, you don’t need exotic foreign terms or complicated beliefs to accomplish this.

You cannot expect to become a Master Masturbator overnight, or even in a week, not even a few months. It’s the work of a lifetime. It’s what alchemists call the “Great Work,” that can actually transform you and change your life.

In fact, excellence in masturbation is like a sport; you’ve got to train to attain higher and higher heights and subtler refinements of self-pleasure. There’s actually no limit to where dedication can take you, and if it’s something like an addiction, it’s among the healthiest habits you can have. You are likely to be happier than many other men.

To build upon extending the overall time of your sessions, seek a smoother flow, without interruption. Continue masturbating continuously. You may accomplish this by varying your speed of both breathing and stimulation, faster and slower. Also, be sure not to concern yourself about maintaining a full erection the entire time. Allow your erection to increase and subside naturally, just as the ocean tides come in and go out, as the Moon waxes and wanes.

A USEFUL PRACTICE: For the quality of your erections and fine-tuning while you masturbate, try doing PC crunches. Alternately contract and relax the perineum muscle between your scrotum and anus. Breathe in on the contraction and breathe out on the relaxation. PC crunches are much more fun to do while masturbating than militantly forcing yourself to do sets of them at other times. Play with how contracting your perineum feels as you stroke your erection.

ANOTHER USEFUL PRACTICE: Take time, whenever you urinate, to use your “pee-stopper muscle” inside your body to pause and resume the flow of urine. Be patient with this, pay mindful attention to where the muscle is and strengthen it. This will pay off as prep for a later practice to boost your erotic ecstasy to astounding new levels.

Refining your self-pleasure is the exciting journey of a lifetime.

Learn more about the teachings of Bruce Grether and Blue Tyger at www.eroticengineering.com.    

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Key 7- Surrender

Key 7- Surrender

3:20 min.

Mindful Masturbation alters your consciousness and expands your awareness, naturally influencing the balance of brain chemicals and hormones within your body. This process can enhance your personal growth, inspire healthy habits and good self-esteem, and even affect your spiritual development. It’s also just pure, innocent fun.

As you put together the basic techniques involved in what we call Mindful Masturbation, you open the doors to deepen your inner awareness, as well as to explore further dimensions of what self-pleasure can be. It really helps to simply get out of your own way and allow the possibilities you’ve opened to take you into new realms of blissful experience.

By this time, if you have diligently tried the practices in the first Six Keys and practiced what works best for you, there are two powerful aspects of high erotic states that you may become aware of: Mindful Masturbation can connect you directly with Nature itself; also Mindful Masturbation can facilitate a direct awareness of the male ancestors within you.

Your development of a shameless and guilt-free self-pleasuring practice can actually perform a kind of retroactive healing of your male ancestors, many of whom most likely suffered a certain amount of sexual inhibition and limited ability to freely enjoy erotic ecstasy. As you freely enjoy your own intense penile pleasure, in some sense the cellular memories of the male ancestors encoded in your DNA may be awakened and bathed in bliss.

These male ancestors are not merely spiritual or metaphysical concepts, nor are they only cellular memories—they are a living reality that comprises part of the profound mysteries of your body. Consider the fact that you are the product of an unbroken line of ancestors that goes back to the origins of humanity, even Life on Earth! Your beautiful, highly evolved human penis is the latest in a line of countless ancestors, and as such it is an amazing gift to you from all those men.

Two powerful and effective ways to enact this for your own sake and that of your male ancestors, are to effectively circulate the erotic energy in your body, and also to train yourself to retain the energy you generate by performing a Taoist Big Draw at the end of your sessions, instead of ending with ejaculation. The circulation practice is offered here, and the Big Draw is part of the next key.

The technique to circulate your erotic energy within your body is sometimes called “The Microcosmic Orbit.” This valuable tool gradually yet powerfully builds, charging up the erotic energy within you. In Erotic Engineering, the technique is presented very simply, in an easy form.

Relax into this without expectations. Allow “energy to follow thought.” At first you may feel you are pretending, but then your experience of this will unfold like petals from a flower bud. Place your attention upon the wonderful two-way traffic of nervous system signals between your brain and your genitals. The sensations merge with the circulation of blood throughout your body, with your breathing, and with the stimulation of your penis. When you add the conscious visualization as described below, the orbit revolves and you approach limitless bliss.

CIRCULATE YOUR EROTIC ENERGY: While you masturbate, use your imagination and eventually you will actually feel the movement of this energy circulating within your body. While masturbating imagine the energy moving from your face, down the front of your torso to your genitals. Your pleasurable sensations give this energy a boost and it moves back between your legs, then up your spine into your head. One thing to add is touching the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth. From there the energy moves back down and continues, endlessly…

Also try practicing Mindful Masturbation in wild surroundings, where you can enjoy naked arousal in Nature. Invite the numberless male ancestors within you, who stand behind you in the mystery of time, to enjoy the glorious sensations of your penis and your body. Play with the possibilities!

Learn more about the teachings of Bruce Grether and Blue Tyger at www.eroticengineering.com.

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Key 8- Limitless Bliss

Key 8- Limitless Bliss

4:43 min.

You have everything it takes to transform masturbation into a mindful practice of self-pleasure beyond anything you’ve experienced before. It can also become what we call Male Erotic Alchemy. This means to transform your experience from something mundane and common, into something magnificent and very special.

  A useful practice for ending your sessions without ejaculation, to keep the energy in your body, or to mark a pause in your session, is called “The Big Draw,” and a similar practice worth trying is called “The Slow Let Go Draw.” These draws help you to merge the erotic energy into your entire life.

  Consider two basic elements of masturbation, which are often enjoyed separately: excitement and enjoyment. When you masturbate in a more ordinary way, you may remain primarily focused on stimulating yourself, while you apply stimulus both physical and mental to your aroused penis and mind. The ongoing excitation keeps increasing, like you are tending a campfire, and feeding it fuel. This process of stimulation can distract you somewhat from the pure enjoyment and deep savoring of the pleasure that you seek.  

Sometimes the pleasure can only be fully enjoyed when you take a break and relax from the effort, or for a short spell after you ejaculate, if you do ejaculate.

  However, truly Mindful Masturbation also involves training yourself in such an artful way that your self-pleasure really does become a fine art! Like a musician, a painter, or a writer, you benefit from the skills that can only develop from training and dedicated practice.

  This is where the elements of excitement and enjoyment begin to merge more fully, so that you can savor and surrender to the limitless possibilities without the need to give a lot of thought to technique. It’s like a figure skater, who must learn certain moves, but then has to simply go for it and do it without thinking too much. In such a case you can see the artist and their art become one, and they move to another level of expertise.

  To masturbate this way so that excitement and enjoyment truly merge, can liberate you from the limitations of ordinary masturbation to relieve sexual tension; masturbation truly becomes a transformational activity. By consistently putting the focus on how incredibly good you can make yourself feel, old habits such as poor self-esteem, poor body image, learned guilt and shame about sexuality itself may recede from you.

  Many issues simply diminish or go away due to neglect. In fact, self-loathing, doubt, fear, feeling like a victim, all require a great deal of energy. When you turn your attention to the quality of your masturbatory pleasure, that energy begins to flow towards your best interests—your health, well-being, and happiness. Male Erotic Alchemy is not only about artful masturbation; such erotic artfulness overflows into every other aspect of your daily life as well.

  This practice is not a matter of “Only think positive,” rather it’s the genuine dynamic of feeling positively, because in truth, life is sometimes challenging and difficult. To make yourself feel as good as possible helps to keep your life in balance. The answer to pain is to get the message of whatever it is telling you, and to shift your attention to feeling better.

  Your entire existence benefits when you develop this kind of revolutionary practice of masturbation as truly loving yourself.

  The draws described below can be practiced with Blue Tyger who demonstrates them in the video of the 8th Key.

  HOW TO DO THE BIG DRAW: Sometimes this practice is far more powerful if you have been doing the deep, continuous abdominal breathing throughout your session. Bring yourself to a high erotic state for perhaps half an hour or more, then lie on your back and take in three deep breaths in a row. On the third breath, hold it in as deeply as possible, and tighten up every muscle in your body that you can become aware of: hands, feet, arms, legs, face, chest, torso even your buttocks and anus. Raise your limbs from the surface and keep in the inhaled breath, the tensed muscles tight for perhaps twelve to fifteen seconds. Then, completely relax and release your breath. Breathe naturally, relax, and savor. Allow whatever you feel to occur, which may be simply a floating sensation, to waves of energy, or even a kind of emotional release of visionary state. Give yourself time in the aftermath, to simply be with it. The Big Draw may serve as merely a pause in your session, or its conclusion.  

HOW TO DO THE SLOW LET GO DRAW: This draw is similar to the Big Draw, however you ease into the breath and tensed muscles gradually, as if moving in slow-motion. Bring yourself to a nice high plateau of bliss, then when ready for your draw, on the third breath take it in slowly, and tense your muscles up slowly, over at least several seconds of time. Hold for about the same interval as the Big Draw, and also exhale and release muscles slowly.

Learn more about the teachings of Bruce Grether and Blue Tyger at www.eroticengineering.com

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KEY 9- One with All Things

KEY 9- One with All Things

12:01 min.

What is the purpose of all of these Golden Keys combined? If it is mainly to feel incredibly good and enjoy masturbation better than ever, that is great! You do not need to view this journey of exploration and discovery as something spiritual, therapeutic, or mystical. At the same time, it can be all of these and more.

As a human male, you are equipped with erotic potential and powers that have evolved for billions of years. Your human body is a Universe unto itself, extremely complex, beautiful and mysterious. Not only is your brain amazing, but every one of your cells is far more complex and efficient than any computer we have devised. Along with these wonders that are all part of you, is your remarkable human penis, whose potentials you have begun to consciously explore.

Your erotic energy is extremely precious! When you masturbate, don’t throw away the energy, even if you ejaculate. At the end of your session, either do a Big Draw, to keep the energy and allow it to become part of you without ejaculation, or simply relax, give yourself time to fully and deeply absorb he blissful charge you’ve generated. It can make all the difference in your world to give yourself plenty of time at the end of your session, just as it helps to ease into it at the beginning.

One more delicious and delightful realm of possibilities opens for you after you have trained yourself for some time, as an athlete trains, to be able to sustain and profoundly appreciate higher and higher quality erotic ecstasy. This is the realm in which masturbation can seem to become a truly spiritual, even mystical experience. Deliver to yourself the Alchemical Gold of the Body: continuous orgasmic states, and perhaps dry orgasms and multiple orgasms.  

Rather than seek to keep yourself right at the edge of ejaculation constantly, which may be fun for a time, it can be extremely rewarding to let go, and dance along the edge, as well as all of the exquisite territory between the onset of arousal and “kissing the sky.” Every level of erotic ecstasy is precious and beautiful.

You may begin to spontaneously experience dry orgasms with dedication. These are much like the orgasmic oblivion of ejaculation, only you do not ejaculate or lose your erection. You may need to pause in manual stimulation while you savor, and then if you wish, resume stroking.

There is also a deliberate practice to induce such dry orgasm, and this may trigger a series of such orgasms without longer intervals between. This multiple orgasm technique is something you can try after you have paid attention to your “pee stopper” muscle as suggested in an earlier Key. When you urinate, stop the flow, start and stop it repeatedly to become more aware of this muscle and to exercise it.

HOW TO INDUCE DRY ORGASMS, AND/OR MULTIPLE ORGASMS: Your body is designed to either pee, or ejaculate, but ordinarily not to do both at the same time. This is why it’s usually easier to pee when you are not very aroused. With arousal, that pee-stopper muscle tends to stay closed, though you are not usually thinking about it. So when you are close to the edge, though not quite over it, consciously, deliberately relax the pee-stopper muscle, which is directly below your bladder inside your body. This tells your body that you want to pee, and it can also hold back the ejaculatory reflex; however, if you dance precisely upon this balance, your brain may slipover into orgasm anyway. Some men stumble upon this miracle, though it’s more likely with this kind of diligent persistence.

Regardless of whether or not that “pee-stopper” technique works for you, the high erotic states you are able to achieve are now your dwelling place, not just something you visit now and then. As the boundaries between your ecstasy and the rest of your daily life gradually dissolve, you may feel more connected with everything. You may feel more sensitive, yet more resilient and stronger, serene and yet alert.

Your penis is an organ designed to provide you with the awareness that you are One with All Things.

Learn more about the teachings of Bruce Grether and Blue Tyger at www.eroticengineering.com.  

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