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Orgasmic Yoga Video Lesson Library

Orgasmic Yoga Video Lesson Library

Orgasmic Yoga Video Lesson Library

Mission of the Orgasmic Yoga Institute

We are committed to the sexual well-being of all people. We offer embodied instruction and guidance to help you create and maintain an ongoing erotic mindful practice.  We offer you video demonstrations from the best somatic teachers in the world to guide your solo and couple erotic yoga sessions.

Orgasmic Yoga Video Lessons

At the Orgasmic Yoga Institute, practice doesn’t mean “preparing for the real thing that I will do someday.” Instead, we understand erotic practice as an amazing experience where we celebrate erotic embodiment in the present moment.  Through ongoing erotic practice, you can make profound changes in your life.  You expand your capacity for pleasure and intimacy. Erotic practice can help you heal the heart-genital connection.

Below, you can watch or download an Orgasmic Yoga Video Lesson.  By downloading the video demonstration, you will have guidance for future practice sessions.  The Orgasmic Yoga Video Lesson changes twice a month.  Get reminded of new lessons by Twitter.  Sign up for the Orgasmic Yoga Journal here

Orgasmic Yoga Practice

Orgasmic Yoga is a form of erotic yoga that involves pleasurable, intimate, and transformative practices that individuals, couples, and groups can do while sexually aroused. The video teachings include solo practices for individuals, and touch-based practices for couples. Repetition allows the practitioner(s) to deepen their erotic capacities. Erotic practice can be both mindfulness meditation and profound learning.

Curious about why to repeat the same stroke and the same practice again and again? Read more here. The Orgasmic Yoga Institute is committed to helping you create and maintain your ongoing erotic mindful practice.

Neuroscience and Erotic Practice

According to eminent neuroscientist Daniel Siegel, mindful practice done over time produces enormous neurological benefit. Mindful practice helps us with “regulating our bodies, attuning to others, having emotional balance, calming fear, pausing before acting, having insight and empathy, being moral in our thinking and our actions, and having more access to intuition.” 

Mindful practice is the most powerful therapeutic and educational modality we currently possess. What motivation to engage in mindful erotic practice!  Read more about the relationship between neuroscience and mindful practice here.

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You are invited to become a full member of The Orgasmic Yoga Institute. Our special offer: individuals who first enroll in The New School of Erotic Touch, also get free membership in The Orgasmic Yoga Institute. Those who are members of both websites have access to over fifty video courses and over 100 hours of sex education from world-class instructors. We are adding new video demonstrations and teaching weekly.