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Healing Sex Interview with Staci Haines

Staci Haines

Is sexual healing possible?

Healing is possible--emotional healing and sexual healing. I always tell survivors, “You're here. You survived. That means you're more powerful than what happened to you.” Victimization is a terrible thing. Surviving it is very hard. But I try to impress upon survivors, “Now that you're an adult, you have the capacity to build the life, and the sex life, you choose.”

In my experience, when survivors use a body-centered approach, the success rate is very high. Those who engage in only intellectual talk therapies tend to have a harder time because their bodies continue to respond in the same ways they did during the abuse. But healing is definitely possible. Survivors can have happy, fulfilling lives, and GREAT sex lives.


Dr. Sprinkle's Seven Types of Female Orgasm

Annie Sprinkle

The Orgasmic Yoga Institute offers you
Dr. Annie Sprinkle's Seven Types of Female Orgasm
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Annie Sprinkle was given the name Mahamudra by members of an eastern cult. They told her it meant "The Biggest Orgasm of All." With the help of two assistants and the Hitachi Magic Wand, Dr. Annie Sprinkle takes us on a phenomenal ride as she literally charts her five minute long megagasm. Annie shows us there are no limits on what is erotically possible. Annie's orgasm takes her into a raw, animalistic and voracious chaos. Annie describes the megagasm as a type of sexual/emotional cleansing: "You can clear out all of the emotional muck." From Annie's Sprinkle's video course at The New School of Erotic Touch, How To Be a Sex Goddess.

Photo by Julian Cash




Solo Practice - From Sexual Health and Erotic Freedom

Barnaby Barratt Ph.D.

Sexual Health and Erotic FreedomPernicious religious doctrines, political legislation, social convention., cultural mores and folkloric dogma all focus on our genitals in an adverse manner. “Masturbation” and “fornication”, both heterosexual and homosexual are usually designated the paramount “sins” against which all sorts of moralizing ideologies are promulgated.


Why repeat the same stroke and the same practice again and again?

Joseph Kramer Ph.D.

There are a number of reasons for repeating a practice over time. Repeated stroking fosters awareness in the places being touched. We become painfully aware of our challenges in maintaining our attention during sex. Over time, we practice placing and stabilizing our attention. We can track the increase in our capacity. Eventually, we learn how to place our attention within our body at will, thus finding freedom of choice.


Neuroscience: The Astonishing Benefits of Erotic Practice

Joseph Kramer Ph.D.

Orgasmic Yoga is a form of erotic yoga that involves pleasurable, intimate, and transformative practices that individuals, couples, and groups can do while sexually aroused. Orgasmic Yoga is a mindfulness practice. This means we place part of our attention on our practice and part on our intention to practice. Intention is a bridge from the present moment to the next moment. Awareness of intention during repeated practice sessions benefits the areas of the brain we associate with well-being.  


Four Conscious Breaths - From Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century

Barbara Carrellas

Urban TantraFour Conscious Breaths
Following are the four kinds of breaths that I can count on to provide delicious, body-and consciousness-altering experiences on a regular basis.
Practice each of the following breaths for five to ten minutes a time, with the exception of the Breath of Fire, which you should only practice for a minute or two at a time. While you practice, keep in mind these general guidelines:


Healing Sex--Six Easy Pieces

Staci Haines

Steps to Healing Sexually: Starting Your Sexual Recovery
By Staci Haines

Sex is simple and incredibly complex all at the same time. Sex is filled with contradictions, pleasure, pains, satisfaction, confusion, desire, and a wide variety of emotions. Sex is a natural and fundamental part of humans. Even those who decide to be celibate have had to decide how to express their sexuality.

Sex is also used for contradictory purposes. It can be used for pleasurable and life-giving ends or misused and abused to hurt others. The contradictions in sex are especially apparent for the many women and men who have experienced some form of non-consensual sex or sexual trauma and abuse. Sex can get mixed with abuse for survivors and become very difficult to untwine later. Sexual healing can also be one of the most powerful aspects of recovery after sexual trauma and reap the greatest rewards.


Breast Massage

Chris Maxwell Rose and Charlotte Mia Rose from PleasureMechanics.com

The breasts are a central part of a woman's sexual anatomy. Mindful breast touch can be highly pleasurable. Many women, however, are not enthusiastic about including the breasts in their sex play. They have experienced sloppy or boring breast touch, and over time have numbed out any potential pleasure from their breasts.  Many men are intimidated by touching the breasts, feeling like they don't do it quite right or they give up after being discouraged by the lack of response from their female lovers.  

The breasts have a high concentration of nerve endings, especially in the nipples. The underside of the nipple has the densest concentration of nerve endings in the entire breast. During arousal, the breasts swell and become more sensitive, and nipples may harden and in some cases grow substantially in size. When fully aroused, some women find that the nipples are so sensitive that even small touches can feel quite intense.  


Taking Some Time for Yourself – A Lesson on Masturbation Sleeves

Jamie Platt

As fun as a healthy sex life is, it's still important to pleasure yourself. After all, only you know exactly how fast and how firm for the best sensation. Women have vibrators and men have their sex toys too.


Joseph Kramer - From Reclaiming Eros

Margaret Wade and Suzanne Blackburn

Reclaiming ErosI grew up in a Catholic family that was very service oriented, very “other” conscious. My father was a lawyer who gave half of his time providing free service for the unprivileged and folks in trouble, so early on, I got this idea of service and connectedness to others. I was a very religious, I would say ecstatic, boy. Something my father and my grandmother instilled in me was a sense of awe and a love of nature. Even in my suburban neighborhood, I tried to get away and spend time in some little field or wooded area. As I got older, I channeled that sense of awe and wonder into mystical Christianity.

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