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Your Viewing and Download Options

So that you can watch the video at the highest resolution possible, given your computer and internet connection, we have created several different viewing options.

Test Your Viewing Options Before Joining

You can see which viewing option works best on your computer by checking out the clips on our Free Resources Orgasmic Yoga Videos page. Each of the clips in this free section are formatted identically to our membership clips in Quicktime, Windows Media Player, iPod (also downloadable to your computer), and Flash.

**Before you sign up, please try them all, and find the one that works best for you.** The option that works best for you depends primarily on the speed of your internet connection and your computer settings. Most people cannot watch all nine options. For instance, our large Quicktime requires a very fast DSL or a T1 line. Below are some trouble-shooting tips that are likely to increase the number of viewing options which work for you.

Tips for Viewing and Downloading

DOWNLOAD - Download to your computer or iTunes:
You can view the iPod video online or download iPod video to your computer. For downloading, we recommend you use the browser Internet Explorer. If you have a PC computer, choose the "download" option. If you have an Apple computer, click on the triangle at the bottom right of the viewing window.

Internet Connection
If you are able to view the smaller versions of the video, but the medium and large are pixillated or the image breaks up, this is due to the speed of your internet connection. You may want to consider getting a faster internet connection. Also, note that none of our streaming clips work with dial-up connections. If you have a dial-up connection, you can still download the iPod format however it will take a very long time.

Internet Browsers

Our video makes use of the latest technology. It works best on the most recent versions of internet browsers and video players. The Quicktime video clips will stream best on Mozilla Firefox. Older versions of Internet Explorer may have had slower loading times and issues with missing log-in and user-name fields. This problem is solved by using Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer. You can download the latest versions of these browsers for free here:

Internet Browsers
Download Mozilla Firefox free.
Download Internet Explorer free.

Video Player Software

We recommend installing the latest Quicktime on your computer. To view the quicktime clips in their largest format with H.264, you will need Quicktime 7.04 or higher. Our Windows Media and Flash videos also play best on the latest versions of Flash and Windows Media players. The Windows Media clips play well on Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you have installed Quicktime, but it will not open when you click on the options Open your other video players and make sure that the default setting is off.You can download the latest versions of Quicktime, Flash, and Windows Media Players for free here:

Video Players
Download Quicktime free here.
Download Flash free here.
Download Windows Media free here.

Security Software

If you are using security software such as Norton Anti-Virus or McAffee, you will have to adjust your settings to access the streaming video. Turn off the Browser Privacy preference in your software. This takes about 20 seconds. The steps for Norton are below. For McAffee or other security programs, please see their respective help sections.

1. In the main window of Norton Anti-Virus, double-click Privacy Control.
2. In the Privacy Control window, in the Privacy Control settings from the drop-down list, select the account that you want to change.
3. Click Custom Level. In the Customize Privacy Settings dialog box, check or uncheck Enable Browser Privacy then click OK.
4. Now you should be able to access the videos.

Cookie Settings

Make sure you are accepting all cookies in your browsers settings. To do this go to tools, then internet options, then click on the privacy tab and click on default. You should have your privacy setting set to medium.

If You Get an "Expired" Message When Your Membership is Current

We have had an issue with current memberships reading as "expired". If this happens, please send me an email at feedback@eroticmassage.com with your user name and a note letting us know that you got the "expired" message. We will test your membership and if it is current, we will fix the situation within 2 business days. We apologize for the inconvience. We are working to correct the snafu.

User Name Issues

Currently, you must use a different User Name for each Class or Membership that you buy. We would like to change this so that you can retain one unique User Name, but User Name rules are decided by our billing company and it is unlikely that we'll be able to change it.

Specifics of the Viewing and Streaming Options

Streaming Quicktime (view online)
Small: Quicktime 6, 400 kb/sec
Medium: Quicktime 7 (h.264), 600 kb/sec
Large: Quicktime 7 (h.264), 2000 kb/sec (You need a very fast DSL or T1 internet connection to view this option.)
Progressive Download Flash (view online)
Flash: 550 kb/sec
Windows Media (view online)
Small: Windows Media 150 kb/sec
Large: Windows Media 700 kb/sec (You need a fast DSL or T1 internet connection to view this option.)
iPod (download to your iPod or your computer)
Size: 350 kb/sec


We welcome your feedback. You can e-mail us at feedback@eroticmassage.com. Please know that we may not be able to respond to all e-mails immediately, but we will use your feedback to constantly improve our service.

To Cancel Your Membership

Call 888-596-9279, e-mail consumersupport@ccbill.com or by visit https://support.ccbill.com/.