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Palm Springs Tantric Yoga

Palm Springs Tantric Yoga

Palm Springs Tantric Yoga

Loren Johnson invites you to practice along with him during this two-hour Tantric Yoga class in Palm Springs.  The practices you will learn promote erotic self regulation, sexual freedom and vibrant health.

Loren teaches us how to optimize and integrate sexual energy in the context of our fitness/spiritual practice.  The practices include fundamental, yet innovative, yoga and chi kung breathing exercises, the inner smile, the horse stance, immunity chi kung, full body shaking, and spinal cord breathing.  

The tantric and sexual kung fu techniques include sexual reflexology (to increase the size and functionality of the sexual organ as well as glandular function of the gonads), deer exercise (sexual energy optimization with heart centered awareness), root lock (perineum power), belly lock (digestive power), the power lock (sexual transformative power) and the microcosmic orbit (internal chi circulation to help achieve full body orgasmic states and the optimal health of body and brain that comes with it).

Covered in the Class:
  • The Breath of Fire
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing
  • Breathing and Grounding through Kidney 1
  • Spinal Cord Breathing
  • The Inner Smile
  • The Horse Stance
  • Testicle Health Practices
  • The Power Lock with Arousal
  • The Microcosmic Orbit

Instructor:  Loren Johnson. You may also benefit from his Orgasmic Yoga Institute class, Sexual Kung Fu.     

Course Format: 110 minutes of video demonstrations and teaching.  View online or download-to-own. This class includes full nudity.  Imitating or modeling is a powerful way of learning. Loren invites you to practice along with him. If you want to spend more time on a segment, pause the video.

Loren Johnson offers more than ten additional classes in Taoist and Tantric erotic practices at his Raw Tantra website. All of these erotic yoga classes are between one and two hours in length.  He almost always teaches naked.

The Body Electric School offers over fifty classes yearly in North America and Australia. Students learn sensual massage, erotic yoga,  mindful masturbation, erotic spirituality, tribal eroticism and more. Celebrate your body as a valuable and authentic guide. Enroll in the Body Electric School. 

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